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Milosevic "trial", August 2003

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    Milosevic trial , August 2003 1. Sloba supporters banned from visiting The Hague (19/8) 2. SPS congratulates Milosevic his birthday (20/8) 3. TRIAL
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      Milosevic "trial", August 2003

      1. Sloba supporters banned from visiting The Hague (19/8)
      2. SPS congratulates Milosevic his birthday (20/8)
      MILOSEVIC (25/8)
      Includes a Trascript of Milosevic speaking about Srebrenica dated
      September 27, 2002


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      === 1 ===

      Socialists embittered by ban to visit Milosevic
      Tanjug - August 19, 2003
      17:38 BELGRADE - The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) on Tuesday voiced
      strong protest with a decision of the International Criminal Tribunal
      for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) administration to ban the visits of
      its representatives and the Association Freedom for SPS president and
      former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic, announcing it would
      employ all mechanisms aimed at suspending this decision.
      The ICTY administration is "trying to explain" this decision by
      statements SPS members made after their recent visit to Milosevic at
      the Scheveningen detention unit, the party said in a statement and
      added that this was really "an excuse aimed at placing president
      Milosevic in complete isolation."

      Copyright 2003 Tanjug News Agency
      Posted For Fair Use Only


      FoNet, August 20, 2003

      Sloba supporters banned from visiting The Hague

      BELGRADE -- Wednesday -- The Hague Tribunal is
      reported to have banned members of the Socialist Party
      of Serbia and the Sloboda (Freedom) Movement from
      visiting Slobodan Milosevic, according to Sloboda
      Association member Vladimir Krsljanin.
      Speaking at a press conference on the occasion of the
      former Yugoslav and Serbian President's birthday,
      Krsljanin produced a letter from the international
      tribunal's administration addressed to Milosevic,
      which states that the ban, to be implemented until
      further notice, is a result of a media statement given
      in breach of court regulations.
      The statement was made by Socialist Party delegation
      members Milorad Vucelic and Zoran Andjelkovic during
      their last visit to the Scheveningen detention centre,
      where Milosevic is being held. They gave the statement
      to press despite being forewarned that such a move was
      against tribunal rules.
      Krsljanin protested: "This is hideous manipulation and
      an injustice because it is not in line with the rules
      of the tribunal".
      He stressed that a "legal battle" for the decision to
      be overturned would ensue.
      The press conference was followed by the holding of a
      "Free Serbia" debate and the screening of a
      documentary entitled "Defeated Hague", which were to
      mark Milosevic's birthday.

      === 2 ===

      SPS congratulates Milosevic his birthday

      17:14 BELGRADE , Aug 20 (Tanjug) - The Socialist Party
      of Serbia said on Wednesday that it sent a
      congratulatory message to the preasident of that party
      Slobodan Milosevic, who is standing trial in the war
      crimes tribunal at The Hague, on the occasion of his
      62nd birthday.
      SPS said in the message it wished that "the fight he
      is leading in The Hague, in the name of national and
      state interets, will be victorious, because it is
      important for the future of our state and of our people."


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      === 3 ===

      UPDATED August 26, 2003

      Written By: Andy Wilcoxson

      The first Srebrenica witness has testified against President Milosevic
      at The Hague tribunal. At this point it is important to be reminded of
      the case President Milosevic is putting with regard to Srebrenica and
      so I will now quote from his opening statement.

      TRANSCRIPT - Page 10309 Line 12 - Friday September 27, 2002

      SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC: I wish to avail myself of the remaining time to
      say a few words about Srebrenica that was mentioned here. I have
      already said that I first heard about this -- I said this six months
      ago, when I first spoke here, that I first heard about this from Carl
      Bildt and that Radovan Karadzic swore to me that he didn't know a
      thing about this. All subsequent information corroborated that,
      including the subsequently published main report of the Dutch
      government published in April 2001. In item 10, it says quite
      literally: "There are no indications that the action was taken out in
      collaboration with Belgrade, neither in terms of political or military
      coordination. In this way, gentlemen, as far as I'm concerned, an end
      could be brought to this, but I don't want to place a full stop there.
      I want the truth to be revealed with regard to this insane crime, in
      the interest of justice. It has to be explained before the world
      public. The information that I have compiled so far, and there will be
      more to come, speaks of how Izetbegovic used Srebrenica for all kinds
      of manipulations and held it in -- in his own reserve for various
      political bargains. And you saw from the statement made by a member of
      his delegation in the report that was accepted by the UN with regard
      to the takeover of Srebrenica, the handover of Srebrenica. You saw all
      of this.

      Time will show that on the 1st of July, 1995, in the house of a Muslim,
      the former president of the municipality in Zvornik, where two members
      of the Muslim government from Sarajevo were present, the
      representatives of a mercenary military formation within the army of
      Republika Srpska but not under the command of the army of Republika
      Srpska but within the French intelligence service, they agreed to have
      this crime committed, that is to say, to abandon Srebrenica and to
      carry out this slaughter.

      All information shows that General Mladic knew nothing about this, nor
      General Krstic, who was sentenced here. I am personally convinced that
      the military honour of Mladic or Krstic would not allow them to
      execute civilians, let alone Mladic, Krstic, generals who throughout
      the war made a maximum effort to protect prisoners of war and
      civilians at all times.

      This mercenary unit was commanded by the same people who sent those
      same persons only one year later to Zaire so that they would protect
      Mobutu and crush a rebellion. This same organisation organised the
      purchase of arms a year later. And since I asked you to adopt a writ
      of disclosure, please do that. Those people who have a salary for that
      and have hundreds of associates, make them as Jacques Chirac and the
      French intelligence service and the American intelligence service and
      all other intelligence services, let them disclose all the facts they
      have on Srebrenica. The information I have available shows that the
      point of the agreement reached was the following: The underlying
      French idea was that the war in Bosnia should be ended through
      effective actions taken by NATO and through military engagement. As a
      pretext for military engagement, genocide that will be carried out by
      the Serbs will be made up, and the Serb negotiating side will have to
      deal with that. The presence of Ratko Mladic in Srebrenica will be
      used as a confirmation of the responsibility of the military leadership
      and of Mladic himself for having an indictment issued against him in
      The Hague by making it appear that a genocide was carried out and
      anathema will be placed on the leadership of the Bosnian Serbs and
      then the international community will take measures. The protagonists
      will not be prosecuted.

      One insignificant one, a member of the Croat detachments of death who
      happened to be there was accused, and then for the crimes in
      Srebrenica, Ratko Mladic should be accused and also the leadership of
      Republika Srpska headed by Radovan Karadzic. And this agreement was
      attended by two representatives of the Muslim government, that out of
      the French, General Janvier was there for sure, and this other person
      was said to be Morillon but this was not confirmed. There is no
      reliable information saying that it was Morillon.

      The agreement was that Srebrenica should be surrendered to the Serbs
      practically without any fighting, as forthwith withdraw and in that way
      make it possible for them to purportedly take over Srebrenica. Naser
      Oric is going to withdraw and award for the action will be 2 million

      Mladic was not at that meeting. He was having lunch with those generals
      later on at the Likovac locality, but according to intelligence data,
      he did not know what the subject agreed upon was, and he didn't know
      that he was commanding all the units that took part in that,
      especially the one that was sent to Zaire later on by the same people
      that ordered the job to be done. Oric lives in Lukavac near Tuzla
      today. He has a restaurant on the lake and he destroyed more than 70
      villages around Srebrenica and that he is one of the greatest criminals
      in the war.


      Another important point to make before presenting the synopsis of the
      day's events is that "the Srebrenica massacre" referred to in this
      article is not the same Srebrenica massacre that the media has been
      going on about for the last 8 years.

      The media's claim that the Srebrenica massacre was an act of genocide
      perpetrated by the Serbs is a lie. There was indeed a massacre at
      Srebrenica, but as I am confident that Slobodan Milosevic will prove,
      it is not the way that the media has put it. This was a massacre
      perpetrated by a multi-ethnic mercenary unit that was under French
      control, not under the control of VRS general staff. 

      Drazen Erdemovic is the first witness to testify at the so-called
      "trial" of Slobodan Milosevic about the horrific events that took
      place in Srebrenica. Erdemovic is an ethnic Croat from the Bosnian town
      of Tuzla. His career throughout the Bosnian war is rather odd. He was
      originally a member of the JNA (Yugoslav People's Army), then he
      joined the ABiH (Bosnian Muslim "Army of Bosnia - Herzegovina"), after
      that he joined the HVO (Croatian Army), finally he wound up a member
      of the VRS (Army of Republika Srpska) serving in the 10th Sabotage

      As a mercenary in the 10th Sabotage Division, Erdemovic participated a
      cold blooded massacre of 1,200 Bosnian Muslims at the Pilca Farm near
      Srebrenica. By his own admission, Erdemovic personally massacred over
      100 Bosnian Muslim men ranging in age between 18 and 60.

      In March of 1996 Erdemovic was arrested by the authorities of the
      Federal Republic of Yugoslavia precisely because of his participation
      in that massacre at Srebrenica. Because Erdemovic was not a citizen of
      the FRY, the Yugoslav authorities honored an extradition request of
      the Hague Tribunal and sent Erdemovic to The Hague.

      When Erdemovic arrived at the Hague he coped a plea agreement, which
      allowed him to get off with only a 5 year prison sentence, even though
      he admitted to personally murdering 100 people and participating in the
      slaughter of 1,200. In a further act of insult to the victims of his
      killing spree, the Hague Tribunal granted Erdemovic early release so
      that he didn't even have to serve the whole 5 years.

      In addition to getting off with only a slap on the wrist for killing a
      hundred people, Erdemovic doesn't even have to live with the shame of
      being known as a mass murderer. He has been given a new identity, and
      his testimony today was given with protective measures; the video of
      his face was obscured so that nobody could recognize his face, and
      voice distortion technology was used so that nobody would even
      recognize his voice.

      It is obvious just from seeing this that the Hague Tribunal exists to
      protect the real war criminals and while simultaneously persecuting
      the innocent.

      Erdemovic's testimony was quite interesting to say the least. The 10th
      Sabotage Division, which carried out the massacre, was a multi-ethnic
      unit according to Erdemovic. The unit contained Muslims, Croats,
      Slovenes, and some Bosnian Serbs.

      Erdemovic stated categorically that he saw no Yugoslav or Serbian
      personnel in or around Srebrenica at the time in question. There was
      only his unit and some local groups, but nobody from the Government of
      either Serbia or Yugoslavia. Erdemovic, echoing the conclusions of the
      Dutch Government, saw nothing that would indicate any participation by
      Belgrade in the planning or execution of the Srebrenica massacre.

      It is completely out of the question that President Milosevic could
      have had anything to do with the tragic events in Srebrenica. The only
      attempt to "link" Milosevic to the events in Srebrenica came when
      Erdemovic claimed to have spoken to an unnamed member of the Serbian
      MUP at the Military Hospital in Belgrade.

      Erdemovic claimed that this alleged MUP officer told him that he had
      participated in the attack on Srebrenica. The only problem is that
      Erdemovic didn't remember this tidbit until November 3, 2001, and
      remember he had been in the custody of the Hague Tribunal since 1996,
      but he never mentioned that until 2001.

      The contentious point between President Milosevic and Mr. Erdemovic
      was over who was responsible for ordering the massacre. Erdemovic
      claimed that the orders "must have" come from the General Staff of the

      Erdemovic never saw any orders from the General Staff. Erdemovic says
      that he was ordered to carry out the executions by a unit commander
      named Gojikovic who had allegedly claimed to have gotten his orders
      from some unknown Lt. Colonel from the Drina Corps of the VRS.

      To counter the Erdemovic's claim that the order to carry out this
      hideous crime "must have" come from the General Staff of the VRS;
      President Milosevic produced the orders issued by the General Staff of
      the VRS, pertaining to Srebrenica, which explicitly stated that
      civilians must be protected and that the laws and customs of war had
      to be abided by.

      Erdemovic denied any knowledge of any foreign involvement in the
      Srebrenica tragedy. However, he did admit to some odd goings on.

      First of all, Erdemovic, claimed to have no idea how much he was
      personally paid, which raises the red flag that he may have been
      receiving money other than the normal VRS salary, which along with the
      fact that he fought at one point or another for every side in the war,
      would indicate that he was in fact a mercenary.

      Erdemovic also claimed that he had heard from his wife that a
      commander of the 10th Sabotage Division named Pelimic had received a
      large quantity of gold from unknown persons, and that after the war
      this Pelimic was living the high life and having jewel incrusted gold
      chains made for himself at jewelry stores. Erdemovic admitted that
      this information even made him suspect that somebody had bribed the
      commanders of his unit so that they would perpetrate that horrific
      crime at Srebrenica.

      Erdemovic also testified that he had heard about some members of the
      10th Sabotage Division, including Pelimic, subsequently going to
      France in order to become mercenaries in Zaire, after the end of the
      Bosnian war, which jives with what Milosevic said in his opening

      I don't know when or if Erdemovic's testimony will continue. The
      so-called "trial chamber" went into closed session at the end of the
      hearing to decide, and so I guess we will see tomorrow, but they did
      not intend to keep this witness more than 1 day.


      1. Prosecutor Geoffrey Nice Examines the witness Drazen Erdemovic.
      2. President Slobodan Milosevic cross-examines the witness Drazen

      === 4 ===


      The Hague Tribunal heard testimony from Colm Doyle today. The former
      Irish army major served as head of the European Community's monitoring
      mission in Sarajevo, and later on as the special envoy of Lord
      Carrington, he was also the chairman of the EC conference on Yugoslavia.

      Even though Mr. Doyle was at the Hague to testify against Milosevic;
      his testimony did not incriminate Milosevic in the least. The only
      part of Doyle's testimony that had anything at all to do with
      Milosevic was his testimony about a meeting he had with President
      Milosevic in Belgrade on 16 June 1992. According to Doyle, Milosevic
      expressed strong support for the peace process. Doyle claimed that
      Milosevic reiterated his position that the violence and bloodshed
      should be stopped and that the only solution for Bosnia was a solution
      which was fair to all 3 sides, and which all 3 sides could agree on.
      Doyal said that Milosevic expressed strong support for Radovan
      Karadzic's proposal that UN observers should be attached to all units
      of the Bosnian-Serb Army. He said that Milosevic condemned the
      shelling of Sarajevo and pledged to do what he could to assist the
      peace process.

      So, the only evidence that the prosecution brought against President
      Milosevic with this witness was that he wanted to stop the Bosnian war
      and find a solution that was fair to all 3 sides. I guess working to
      stop a war is what makes one a war criminal at the Hague Tribunal.

      Even though the rest of Mr. Doyle's testimony had absolutely nothing
      to do  with President Milosevic, parts of it were quite interesting.
      The most interesting tidbit was Doyle's testimony about how the
      Bosnian  parliament reached its decision to hold the referendum on
      succession from Yugoslavia.

      According to Doyle, on or about the 15th of October 1991 the speaker
      of the Bosnian parliament adjourned the parliament for the night at
      around 3:30 in the morning. After the Serb MPs had gone home for the
      night, the Muslim and Croat MPs reconvened the parliament and passed
      the decision that the referendum on succession should be held.

      To put it bluntly, the Muslim and Croat MPs tricked the Serb MPs into
      leaving the debate on the referendum question by fraudulently
      adjourning the parliament and then fraudulently reconvening it again
      after the Serbs had left for the night. After the Serbs had gone home,
      falsely believing that the parliament was in fact adjourned, the Muslim
      and Croat MPs, who remained fraudulently reconvened the parliament and
      passed the decision to hold a referendum on succession, without the
      consent of the Serb MPs.

      President Milosevic asked Mr. Doyle if he considered that this
      decision of the parliament was made lawfully or not. Doyle didn't
      really know what to say at this point, because the answer is so
      obvious. Doyle's answer was ultimately that he didn't know.

      Another interesting piece of information came when Doyal spoke of a
      peace conference that he was at with Radovan Karadzic in Lisbon.
      During that peace conference a number of Muslim civilians were killed
      while waiting in a breadline in Sarajevo. Karadzic immediately swore to
      Cutileiro that the Bosnian Serbs didn't perpetrate that crime.

      According to Doyle, Cutileiro's response to Karadzic was that the
      Bosnian Serbs would be publicly blamed whether they perpetrated that
      massacre or not. Cutilero then told Karadzic that his only option was
      to "make a public gesture of good will" by handing over control of the
      Sarajevo Airport.

      Moreover, the Muslim representative used the breadline massacre as an
      excuse to walk out of the negotiations and the negotiations failed.

      As it turns out the Bosnian Serbs did not perpetrate that massacre.
      Slobodan Milosevic quoted from an article in the London Independent
      entitled "Muslims 'slaughter their own people'," dated 8/22/92.
      According to the article "United Nations officials and senior Western
      military officers believe some of the worst killings in Sarajevo,
      including the massacre of at least 16 people in a bread queue, were
      carried out by the city's mainly Muslim defenders -- not Serb
      besiegers -- as a propaganda ploy to win world sympathy and military
      intervention. . . . Classified reports to the UN force commander,
      General Satish Nambiar, concluded . . . that Bosnian forces loyal to
      President Alija Izetbegovic may have detonated a bomb. 'We believe it
      was a command-detonated explosion, probably in a can,' a UN official
      said then. 'The large impact which is there now is not necessarily
      similar or anywhere near as large as we came to expect with a mortar
      round landing on a paved surface.'"

      Doyle claimed that he didn't know anything about that, but he didn't
      attempt to refute it either. He simply said that he didn't personally
      know who was responsible.

      President Milosevic will continue his cross-examination of Mr. Doyle
      tomorrow. The troika has granted him 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete
      his cross-examination. After he concludes the Amicus Curiae will be
      given 15 to 20 minutes for cross-examination.


      1. Witness Colm Doyle was examined by the prosecutor Geoffrey Nice.
      2. Witness Colm Doyle was cross-examined by President Slobodan

      === 5 ===

      MILOSEVIC "TRIAL" REPORT: SYNOPSIS FOR AUGUST 27, 2003 - August 27, 2003

      Written by: Andy Wilcoxson

      The proceedings today began with the conclusion of Slobodan
      Milosevic's cross-examination of Colm Doyle. President Milosevic and
      the Amicus Curiae Tapuskovic both asked Doyle a number of questions
      regarding reports of events that the Canadian Major-General Lewis
      MacKenzie (UN Commander in Bosnia) had sent to Lt Gen Satish Nambiar at
      the UN Headquarters in New York.

      Amazingly, Doyle who headed the European Community's observation
      mission in Bosnia had no idea about any of the numerous events that
      Milosevic and Tapuskovic asked him about on the basis of MacKenzie's
      reports, all of which had to do with Muslim attacks and provocations
      against Serbs.

      A humorous event came when Milosevic asked Doyle whether he was aware
      of the position that the US State Department and the European
      Parliament (which is an organ of the EC) took in 1991. That position
      was that the SFRY should remain one single unified state and that the
      secessionist republics should not be recognized. Doyle confirmed that
      he was aware that that was the position which was taken.

      Milosevic then asked Doyle how come the US and the EC recognized the
      secessionists anyway, in spite of their publicly stated position.
      Doyle said that he didn't know, and that he didn't ask. Milosevic
      asked Doyle if he considered it to be hypocritical for the US and the
      EC to say one thing and then do exactly the opposite. Before Doyle
      could answer the question, the so-called "jugde" May jumped in and
      instructed Doyle that he didn't have to answer the question.

      It was obvious from Doyle's testimony that the Muslims had weapons
      from the outset of the war. The Muslims were not unarmed, like they
      are fond of claiming.

      The beginning of the war came when the Muslims, after announcing the
      results of their illegal referendum on succession, famously attacked a
      Serb wedding party in Sarajevo, killing the groom on the steps of the
      Orthodox Church. Doyle said that after that attack, tensions
      increased, and the Serbs erected barricades in Sarajevo, which the
      Muslims then fired upon (with the weapons that they claim never to
      have had).

      After Doyle was concluded the witness Stepjan Kraljevic was called.
      Kraljevic was a municipal official from the town of Ilok, Croatia.
      Kraljevic painted a picture where the JNA, for no reason, expelled the
      population of Ilok. But, when Milosevic cross-examined Kraljevic it
      became obvious that this witness was given to exaggeration.

      Milosevic showed an agreement that Kraljevic and others from Ilok had
      signed with the JNA. The agreement stated that the JNA would do its
      best to protect all people who wished to remain in Ilok, but that the
      JNA would also help the people who wished to leave Ilok to leave
      safely. Ilok is near to Vukovar and there was heavy fighting in the
      area, so there were people who wanted to leave, in fact the JNA
      reached the agreement because the citizens requested it.

      The witness, on the other hand, tried to present this agreement by the
      JNA to protect people if they wished to leave the town as a sort of
      expulsion by the JNA.

      The witness viewed the JNA's demand that the T.O. should turn over its
      weapons in accordance with the decision of the SFRY presidency as a
      sort of provocation by the JNA, even though the witness admitted that
      this demand only came after the Ilok police (who issued the T.O. their
      weapons in the first place) fired on and destroyed a JNA tank with a
      rocket launcher. But then again the witness did not consider the JNA
      to be the legal armed force of the SFRY in 1991.

      Mr. Kraljevic also produced a document called "Civilian Victims of the
      Homeland War" which he presented as some sort of evidence against
      Milosevic. In this document of his numerous "victims" had their cause
      of death listed as things such as traffic accidents and suicide. So now
      I guess, according to this witness, if somebody gets into a car wreck
      or decides to kill themselves that is Milosevic's fault.

      The next witness was a secret witness code named "C-1175." "C-1175"
      claimed to have been a member of the Serbian T.O. in Dalj, Croatia.
      His claim was that he saw the T.O. there commit some crimes.

      "C-1175" claimed that all of the members of the Serbian T.O. in Dalj
      were local Serbs and Hungarians. Since they were all locals, living in
      Croatia, it is clear that Slobodan Milosevic, who was the president of
      Serbia, could not have had anything to do with whether or not the T.O.
      there committed any crimes there or not. So, even if the crimes that
      the witness enumerated really happened they still wouldn't have
      anything to do with Milosevic.

      "C-1175's" testimony wasn't completely useless. "C-1175" did establish
      that it was the Croats and not the Serbs who initiated the clashes and
      ultimately started the war in Croatia.

      "C-1175" testified that already in March and April of 1991 the Croats
      had formed squads to terrorize Serbs and carryout so-called "silent
      liquidations." "C-1175" also testified that the Croats perpetrated
      numerous crimes on Serb property.

      "C-1175" testified that before the war the Croatian police were
      arresting Serbs without cause and taking them away and beating them
      up."C-1175" should be concluded tomorrow. The troika has given
      President Milosevic 45 more minutes to complete his cross-examination.

      Sequence of Events - AUGUST 27, 2003

      1. President Milosevic concluded his cross-examination of Colm Doyle.
      2. Amicus Curiae Tapuskovic cross-examined Colm Doyle.
      3. Prosecutor Nice re-examined Colm Doyle.
      5. Prosecutor Saxon called Stepjan Kraljevic and examined him.
      6. President Milosevic cross-examined Stepjan Kraljevic.
      7. Amicus Curiae Tapuskovic cross-examined Stepjan Kraljevic.
      8. Prosecutor Saxon re-examined Stepjan Kraljevic.
      9. Prosecutor Uertz-Retzlaff called the secret witness "C-1175" and
      examined him.
      10. President Milosevic began his cross-examination of the secret
      witness "C-1175."

      === 6 ===

      SYNOPSIS OF THE DAY'S PROCEEDINGS: AUGUST 28, 2003 - August 28, 2003

      Written by: Andy Wilcoxson

      Today was a marathon day at The Hague Tribunal. 5 different witnesses
      testified. The day began with the conclusion of the secret witness
      "C-1175." As you may remember from yesterday "C-1175" was a member of
      the Serbian T.O. in Dalj. He was a member of the T.O. for only one
      month before he quit. He left because of his regular job, and because
      he was angry at the T.O. commander because he wouldn't give him a fuel
      "C-1175" established that the prison in Dalj was set up and ran by the
      T.O., and not by the JNA. As you may remember from yesterday the Dalj
      T.O. was made up exclusively of locals. The JNA had nothing whatsoever
      to do with the Dalj prison.
      "C-1175" testified the day before about a group of men that had been
      taken to a farm and killed. These men were brought to the farm from
      Borovo Celo and killed by a group of civilians, not by the T.O., not by
      the police, and not by the JNA.
      "C-1175" spoke of a chaotic situation were people would appoint
      themselves as the police, he referred to these people as "space
      police." All in all the war just sounded like a mess, but one thing
      was certain about C-1175's testimony, Slobodan Milosevic didn't have
      anything to do with anything that this witness testified about.

      After "C-1175" finished another secret witness, a woman from Vukovar,
      testified under the pseudonym of "C-1071."
      "C-1071" lost her husband during the war. The JNA evacuated the
      witness and her family from Vukovar along with some of their
      neighbors, she went directly to Serbia, but her husband had to stay
      behind to be checked by the JNA.
      The witness confirmed that the JNA had in fact evacuated the people
      for their own protection, and not because of any other reason, and she
      testified that she never saw the JNA doing anything that was illegal.
      According to an unnamed person that the witness knew, who was being
      checked by the JNA at the same time as her husband, the JNA took the
      men to a facility in Dalj to be checked. Her husband checked-out OK and
      was released by the JNA.
      Her husband was supposed to come and find her with their relatives in
      Serbia after the JNA released him. Unfortunately, he never made it.
      "C-1071" went to Dalj to investigate and try to find out what had
      happened to her husband. She found out in the course of speaking with
      people in Dalj that her husband had been attacked by a group of
      civilians after he was released by the JNA. His body was later found
      in a wooded area outside of town.
      This is certainly a sad story that this woman lost her husband, but I
      fail to see what a group of civilian criminals who exploit a chaotic
      situation in a war, has to do with Milosevic. After all, he certainly
      didn't start the fighting in Vukovar. This witness testified that
      fighting only began in Vukovar after the Croats had blockaded the JNA
      barracks there.
      Had there been no fighting in Vukovar there would never have been a
      need for any of this.

      The next witness was a senile old Croat woman from Saboska named Anna
      Bitunic. She lost her husband too. She testified that her husband and
      some other men were shot by her house.
      One minor problem with her testimony was that she had no idea who had
      shot her husband and the other men. She said it was men in uniforms,
      and so Milosevic asked her who's uniforms were they wearing? T.O.
      uniforms, JNA uniforms, or some other uniforms? Mrs. Bitunic did not
      know what sort of uniform that the people who shot her husband were
      wearing, she was at a loss. She had no idea who did it.
      It is too bad that this woman lost her husband, but it could be seen
      from her testimony that she was half-crazy. She said that the Serbs
      were happy after the referendum in Croatia because they wanted to
      create "greater-Serbia" and that they were "happy because they could
      kill whoever they wanted to," and other such nonsense.
      Obviously, with no idea who even committed the crime that she was
      testifying about; her testimony can be viewed as nothing other than a
      completely irrelevant waste of time that has nothing to do with
      Milosevic, or anybody else.

      Actually, all of the testimony that has to do with Bosnia and Croatia
      is an irrelevant waste of time, as far as Milosevic is concerned,
      because Slobodan Milosevic was the president of Serbia and didn't have
      any command over any of the combatants in either Bosnia or Croatia.

      After Mrs. Bitunic finished a man named Luka Shutalo was called. Mr.
      Shutalo was from Erdut, Croatia. He escaped from the war zone in 1991
      by going to Serbia, where it just so happened that Slobodan Milosevic
      was the president, and guess what happened to him in Serbia? Nothing.
      Nobody did anything to him. He was free to do as he wished in Serbia.
      In spite of the fact that going to Milosevic's Serbia "saved his
      neck," this witness nonetheless blamed Milosevic and what he called
      the "Yugo Army" (meaning the JNA) for everything.
      This guy actually thought that it was Milosevic who was in command of
      the JNA. Milosevic asked the witness what on Earth would make him
      think that he was the commander of the JNA, but before the witness
      could answer, the so-called "judge" May jumped in and told the witness
      not to answer, and Milosevic not to ask those sorts of questions.
      Mr. Shuralo claimed that he had been taken prisoner and that he was
      mistreated at the prison in Dalj, which he said was not even ran by
      what he considered to be "Milosevic's Yugo Army." This was nothing but
      more irrelevant testimony that again had nothing to do with Milosevic.

      It is amazing to me to watch so much time being wasted on irrelevant
      witnesses that don't even attempt to prove anything against Milosevic.
      This makes it all the more absurd that the so-called "trial" chamber
      gave the prosecution all of that extra time to "present evidence,"
      which is something that they might want to consider doing some time.
      So far there has been no real evidence presented against Milosevic.
      Nothing that that so-called "prosecution" has done so far even comes
      close to proving that Milosevic is guilty of anything.

      The last witness to testify was another Croatia witness named Josip
      Jocipovic. He was another 92-bis witness. The prosecutor read out a
      summary of his statement about some alleged events in Hrvatska Dubica,
      but he has not been cross-examined yet.
      However from just what the prosecutor said I can see that this is
      another witness who does not have anything at all to do with Milosevic.
      This whole day, like many days before it, was a total waste of time
      for the prosecution. Slobodan Milosevic has successfully defeated the
      prosecution with every witness.

      === 7 ===

      "TRIAL" REPORT: SYNOPSIS FOR AUGUST 29, 2003 - August 29, 2003

      Another secret witness testified today at the Hague Tribunal. B-1054 a
      Muslim woman from a village near Visegrad testified that she was taken
      to a house in Visegrad along with 70 other Muslims. According to this
      woman, Serb civilians from Visegrad attempted to burn them all alive in
      that house.
      For the sake of argument, we will start by assuming that she was
      telling the truth. Even if this happened, and even if it happened
      exactly in the way that she said it did; it proves nothing. This woman
      did not allege that anybody from Serbia, or anybody from the JNA even
      took part in this alleged crime. It is therefore clear that Slobodan
      Milosevic could not have had anything at all to do with this.
      Her two written statements, her previous testimony from another trial,
      and the testimony that she gave today did not all fit together very
      well. There were a number of discrepancies.
      For example, she claimed to have been laid-up in the hospital for 22
      days, but her medical report revealed that she was only in the
      Hospital for 10 days. She had exaggerated her time in the hospital by
      more than double.
      She was inconsistent again as to how the alleged fire started in the
      House. One time she said it was a bomb that ignited the fire, and
      another time she said that somebody had just lit a match.
      In her second statement she spoke of an alleged massacre that "a band
      of Chetniks" was committing on the river. According to this witness
      "the slaughter was so horrible that it made the river run red with
      blood." However, in her first statement she neglects to mention that
      minor detail. When asked how come she didn't mention it in her first
      statement her excuse was that it "was just too horrible to speak of."
      She has no problem speaking in her first statement about other
      horrible things. She spoke all about how she lay wounded in a sewage
      ditch near to the allegedly burning house listening to the screams of
      people who were allegedly being burned alive, and that wasn't "too
      horrible to speak of," but apparently seeing some corpses in a river
      Her statements were also inconsistent with respect to the names of
      people that she claimed to have seen at certain places.
      Another problem with her testimony was that she claimed that everybody
      had died in that house, by either being burned in the fire, or shot
      while trying to flee. She even said that she thought that her own son
      had died. However, she later said that she found her son alive and
      well 5 years later on. So how could she know that everybody else died?
      She thought that her own son was dead for 5 years, but he wasn't.
      An entertaining moment came when the Amicus Curiae, Mr. Tapuskovic and
      the so-called "judge" May got into a fight. "Judge" May became quite
      indignant when Mr. Tapuskovic dared to peruse a line of questioning
      that called the truthfulness of this witness's testimony into question.
      Tapuskovic was asking questions about inconsistencies in the witness's
      evidence. The witness responded by getting indignant. For example,
      when Tapusokvic asked her how she could know that everybody was killed
      when her own son was even able to flee without her knowledge. She
      responded indignantly by saying, "So you say that my son should have
      been killed too! Is that it?"
      After this little exchange Tapuskovic and Milosevic both gave the
      so-called "judge" a lesson in law. During his fight with Mr.
      Tapuskovic, the so-called "judge" claimed that "the accused hasn't
      even challenged this evidence" (even though he had), and so President
      Milosevic had to explain to this so-called "judge" that he had no way
      of knowing if the event in questioned had happened or not, but it
      wasn't him, as the accused, who had the burden of proving that it
      didn't happen -- rather it was the prosecution who had the burden of
      proving that it did happen.
      After President Milosevic had explained, to this pathetic excuse of a
      "judge," the concept of "innocent until proven guilty," which appears
      to be completely foreign to "Dick" May. Mr. Tapuskovic had to explain
      to this idiot what his job was in the first place. Mr. Tapuskovic
      explained to that crimson robe-wearing fool that as a judge his job is
      to sit and listen to the evidence and then decide, after hearing all
      of the evidence, if the witness is telling the truth or not.
      Mr. Tapuskovic was clearly astonished that "judge" May considered it
      inappropriate to ask questions that challenged a witness's
      credibility. What is the point of cross-examination if not to challenge
      the witness? Tapuskovic explained that he had been a lawyer for 40
      years, and had never seen a judge that would prevent these sorts of
      After Mr. Tapuskovic finished his cross-examination, the so-called
      "judge," who clearly had no other motive than just a desire to be a
      smart-ass, said to the witness, "It has been suggested that you may not
      be telling the truth. Have you been lying to us?" and the witness
      surprised everybody by saying, "Of course I have been telling the
      truth." At that point "judge" May let the witness go.

      The next witness was Josip Jocipovic. Mr. Jocipovic had been examined
      by prosecutor Bauer the day before, and so President Milosevic went
      directly into cross-examination.
      Like so many other witnesses this witness's testimony had nothing to
      do with President Milosevic. The closest he came was when he said that
      two men, who he couldn't identify, allegedly told him that they had
      been fighting in Vukovar and that they were from Serbia.
      Other than that he testified about a couple of men from the Krajina
      police who committed some crimes. However, after they had committed
      the crimes they were removed by Milan Martic.
      He did however give some useful testimony. He was a member of the ZNG,
      and to the dismay of Ms. Bauer, he testified that the local ZNG
      commander in Hrvatska Dubica was a criminal and a thief.
      He testified that the ZNG was formed in 1990 right after the elections
      and that it was precisely then that the tensions increased. He
      admitted that the JNA and T.O. forces were the only legal armed forces
      in the SFRY (of which Croatia was a part in 1990). However he denied
      that the ZNG was a paramilitary organization, in spite of the fact
      that being an illegal armed force operating in the SFRY made it the
      very definition of a paramilitary. He also testified that the JNA
      brought order and that it fought against both Serb and Croatian
      paramilitaries in order to stop killings and looting from taking place.

      After Mr. Jocipovic finished, another secret witness called "B-1505"
      was called. I'm not sure who exactly this guy was. He is either
      somebody who is pretending to be somebody else, which is possible with
      all secret witnesses, or he is somebody who was either a member of the
      JNA, or was in some other way privy to internal JNA matters.
      At any rate he claimed to be a Muslim from Visegrad who saw the JNA
      planning to "cleanse Visegrad" of its Muslim population.
      The prosecution is expected to finish with him on Monday, and after
      that President Milosevic will cross-examine him.
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