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  • Coord. Naz. per la Jugoslavia
    PRESERVATIVI Dopo l introduzione della religione negli asili e dopo tante pressioni, da parte vaticana, per imporre i valori cattolici nelle scuole, e
    Messaggio 1 di 1 , 2 feb 2004

      Dopo l'introduzione della religione negli asili e dopo tante pressioni,
      da parte vaticana, per imporre i valori cattolici nelle scuole, e'
      finalmente esplosa in Croazia la polemica sulla educazione sessuale e
      sui contraccettivi.

      (Si noti che la notizia che segue - segnalata su - non e'
      stata finora ripresa da alcuna agenzia o organo di informazione
      italiano, perche' del clericonazismo croato e delle sue implicazioni e'
      bene non parlare.)


      Reuters, January 31, 2004

      Croatia Catholic bishops oppose "condom education"

      ZAGREB, (Reuters) - Croatia's powerful Roman Catholic Church has
      opposed efforts to promote the use of condoms among teenagers to help
      prevent AIDS and launched its own sex education programme counselling
      chastity and abstinence.
      The church's programme, publicised in Croatian media this week, aims to
      sideline MEMOAIDS, a course introduced as an optional subject in local
      secondary schools to raise awareness about AIDS.
      The Catholic Church opposes the use of condoms, which church officials
      say "encourages promiscuity and raises the chances of HIV infection
      while not being fully successful in preventing pregnancy".
      AIDS activists reject this, saying condoms help prevent the spread of
      "Our programme has a different approach than MEMOAIDS, which suggests
      the use of condoms as protection. The goal is to change the behaviour,
      not to promote wider use of condoms," the widely circulated daily
      Jutarnji list quoted bishop Valter Zupan as saying on Friday.
      Zupan, who heads the Family Council of the Croatian Bishops' Conference
      (HBK), added that "experts from Washington have recently proved that
      the use of condoms enhances promiscuity and the possibility of HIV
      The Catholic Church counsels chastity and marital fidelity and its
      opposition to condoms has sparked growing criticism worldwide as the
      number of AIDS victims soars.
      The HBK said earlier this week that MEMOAIDS was also unacceptable
      because it did not require approval from parents.
      Dragan Primorac, Education and Science Minister in the new conservative
      government, said his ministry would thoroughly review both programmes
      before making any decisions.
      Almost 90 percent of people in this former Yugoslav republic declare
      themselves Catholics, although surveys suggest more than half approve
      of abortion, which the Catholic Church rejects.
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