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1203Re: [e-game_project] Draft E-GAME report - some corrections (06.09.2014)

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  • Antonio Gomes
    30 set 2014


      I did a final report and updated in EST plataform, Yestaday.
      Thanks for the great work during last 2 year. Maybe we can cooperate!

      All the Best


      António Gomes
      President of the board
      Associação CheckIN - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento
      - - - - 
      Mobile: +351 93 674 60 12
      Phone:+351 21 240 41 36
      Linkedlin:antónio gomes toninho
      - - - - 
      Facebook: Oportunidades internacionais


      Dear Partners
      thanks to Elias (Greece) and Tom (Latvia), I made some important corrections and I inserted some new outcome (dropbox folder) in the Report. In attachment you have the NEW corrected version of the E-Game DRAFT REPORT: use only this version (dated 06 sept. 2014) to fill your OWN REPORT FILE.

      Now you have 3 days to read this version of the REPORT and to make other suggestions if you want or need: if I do not receive nothing till next monday evening (08 Sept. 2014)  I will consider the report as FINAL and I will submit it on line for my organisation on tuesday morning (AFTER MY ONLINE SUBMISSION NO OTHER CHANGES WILL BE POSSIBLE!).

      For your final report:

      • You have to download your OWN file from your NATIONAL AGENCY web site (DO NOT USE OR SUBMIT OUR REPORT FILE!!). I remember you again that the part "A" (partnership) MUST BE equal for all the partners but the part "B" (national) is DIFFERENT (so you cannot copy this "B" part from my report)!!!!
      • Please remember to upload on the EST DATABASE all the outcomes (it is an obligation!!!) realised at national level from your organisation! For the moment NOBODY did it, except EURO-NET!!!! Please do it urgently!!!

      I am still waiting for an answer about the CD-ROMS. I have still not received them by post. Could you please answer me and send me details about?

      Best regards
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