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1205Re: E-Game report and question - FOR VALDI!!!

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  • Valdi Reinas
    2 ott 2014
      I checked, yes, there is version 1, this is the right one!:)
      Thanks a lot!
      If they are corrected, can you send it again via dropbox, then we can put it on new CDs.

      2014-10-02 15:02 GMT+03:00 Euro-net <euro-net@...>:
      Dear Valdi
      Gianluca found a new file with all your changes (he hopes it is the right one..)
      Could you please control it (see the attachment) and give us your ok?
      So we can upload it on the game?
      Waiting your kind answer


      Valdi Reinas
      MTÜ Sokuturi
      juhatuse liige
      +372 5629 3313
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