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1212Re: [e-game_project] Draft Final Report in pdf

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  • Euro-net
    20 nov 10:04
      Valdi this e-mail was sent last 27/08....

      Il 20/11/2014 00.27, Valdi Reinas valdireinas@... [e-game_project] ha scritto:
      What was that? has somebody NOT sent the report???

      2014-08-27 21:36 GMT+03:00 Euro-net euro-net@... [e-game_project] <>:

      Dear partners
      as promised in attachment you have the draft of the Final report of the E-game.
      I inserted into the activities all the outcomes that had a web connection to prove it.
      NOW YOU HAVE 7 DAYS TO READ AND SUGGEST MODIFICATIONS: after 04/09/2014 the report will become definitive and cannot be changed.
      So please read it urgently and carefully and if you need to do some changes please send me a word file with the changes to be done (DO NOT WRITE INTO THE FORM!!)
      Best regards



      Valdi Reinas
      MTÜ Sokuturi
      juhatuse liige
      +372 5629 3313

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