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  • Joe Fallisi (v., a questo link, anche tutti quelli precedenti)
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      Joe Fallisi shared a link.

      Le CNPI.ORG | Action Justice and Peace
      L’arrêt par le Tribunal Pénal international de Hillary Clinton sur la base de son appel au meurtre de Mouamar Kadhafi.

      Lisa Engelbrecht 

      This is dillusional and a waste of time... you are honestly going to try Hilary, Nicolas and Barack in the Hague?? Why then is Saif Gaddafi willing to hand HIMSELF in to the International Criminal court at the Hague???

      ИРИНА ПИЦ 

      Мне кажется что просто НАДО ДЕЛАТЬ......Джо молодец!!!!Лиза!!! И увидеть пустая ли это трата времени можно будет только после того КАК СДЕЛАЛ ВСЕ ЧТО ОТ ТЕБЯ ЗАВИСЕЛО!!!!!

      Joe Fallisi 

      In fact it's a TOTAL lie, as usual from these vampires. Seif Al-Islam NEVER said anything like this. On the contrary he confirmed that he'll go on, together with the people of Jamahiriya (it means the majority of Libyans), to fight for the freedom of Libya.

      Lisa Engelbrecht 

      Can't you understand that Gaddafi was overthrown by a popular uprising (ie supported by the vast majority of the Libyan people) because he was a cruel and hated dictator?
      At last Libya can take its place in the community of nations and start building a democratic society.

      Joe Fallisi 

      Gaddafi, the greatest Arab-African leader (together with his friend Nasser) and the greatest Arab-African political thinker, was horribly tortured and then killed by the "Islamic" CIA/Mossad monsters that represent a very small minority of Libyan population and even often come from other countries like Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on. They are the filthiest criminals and cowardly traitors on the earth and the shame of Islam. They tried a miserable coup d'état against the Jamahiriya only 'cause they were sure that then Western predators would have come to help them. In any case they don't control anything. They are only able in torturing and killing and in thieves and in taking drugs. Without North Atlantic "democratic" Terrorists they would disappear in no more than one week. It will finally happen. W THE RESISTANCE, W THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, HONOUR TO GADDAFI MARTYR, TO THE BLACK PEOPLE MASSACRED BY THE ULTRARACIST AND ULTRAREACTIONARY "REBELS" OF KALI YUGA AND TO ALL THE OTHER GOOD LIBYANS VICTIMIZED. MAY ALL REST IN PEACE.


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