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  • Misha
    16 feb 2010
      The reason I joined this group some years ago, was because I had a very vivid dream in which I was a little girl, running away while the city I was in was attacked by soldiers. It was in times of the second world war, I know because of the model of machine guns used. And in my head I knew I was running away from Germans. All the city was masacred, there was fire, loud bomb and gun noises. I got trapped in an alley that looked made of dark gray and brown blocks. and I was shot by two soldiers who laughed while they shot me with the machine gun. It sounds strange, but I was thinking in sicilian while I ran away, and I screamed something in Sicilian an instant before I was shot to death. The funny thing is that when I had this dream, I didn`t even know that the language existed. No offence, I was young and I thought Sicily was part of Italy and they all spoke Italian. And I do not know italian either. Very very little. I do not remember what I said in my dream since it was years ago, just a couple of days before I joined this group. ANd I joined because I was on the research of the truth in that dream. I did felt the bullets and that`s when I woke up that night.
      My interest right now is not knowing what I shouted, since I can`t remember. But more likely knowing if any of you know about any historical events that sound like what I`m describing above. A massacre in a small town or city, around times of World War II. It would be of a lot of help to find out if this is part of a Past Life Memory.
      Thank you once again.
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