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452Sänna Culturemanor Looking for Volunteers

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    3 apr 2010

      The community of Sänna Culturemanor in Estonia is looking for art/environment-minded people who want to give us hand throughout spring-summer-autumn.

      We need help at:

      ·      Carpenter workshop

      ·      Building treehouses

      ·      Renovating old manorhouse

      ·      Building a solar-system hiking trail

      ·      Building permaculture-garden

      We offer you an opportunity to live in an old wooden manorhouse, sense the vibrations of a newbie indie art/culturecenter in the countryside, learn (or teach) sustainable lifestyles, use the spaces and possibilities of Culturemanor for your own creative work.

      Additional terms depend on individual casesJ

      In Sänna there is Pärlijõgi (Pearl river), manor park, watermills, smoke saunas, wild nature, sandy beach and much more..

      Your lodging will be in bunk-beds, you can use modern kitchen, WC, shower, WIFI.

      Before deciding, browse our website.

      After positive desicion convice us that you really want to share your energy in our projects (an e-mail will do). If you feel that someone you know might like to join our community, distribute this messageJ


      Hendrik Noor


      Skypename: kultuurimois

      Mob. +00372 555 88 927


      Un versamento sul C/C postale 1261217 intestato ad ASSOCIAZIONE SERYDARTH :

      ci aiuta a pagare le spese di affitto e gestione e ad ospitare viaggiatori e volontari da tutto il mondo, gratuitamente (e quando vuoi venire a toccare con mano, sei benvenuto!).

      Le donazioni, per le imprese, sono deducibili fiscalmente!