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VASCULAB was born in 1990.

Since August 2015 VASCULAB is the official mailing list of the "Fondazione Vasculab impresa sociale ONLUS", a nonprofit organization aimed to scientific research and to social solidarity.


Vascular Diseases Discussion List, Vascular Ultrasound Diagnosis, Vascular Biomechanics, Chiva Discussion List (Chirurgie Hemodynamique de l'Insuffisance Veineuse en Ambulatoire), Haemodynamic Venous Map (MEV), Minimal MEV, V N e t, the Model of the Venous Circulation, Micro-Circulatory Disorders, Lymphatic Diseases, Lasers in Vascular Diseases, Foam and Sclerotherapy, Vascular Malformations.


1) VASCULAB is a restricted Yahoo! Message List, open only to members
2) Active participation to this List is subjected to approvation of the Moderator.
3) Accepted members, mainly people of several professions involved in the management of vascular diseases, must respect generic "Netiquette" rules (Net Etiquette), as also the specific rules and the discussion topics listed in the first message they receive from the List.
4) Topics are many, but they all are scientific ones.
5) Direct consultation with patients is not allowed.
6) Drugs or medical devices promotion is forbidden inside the messages (as also hidden in messages, e.g. mail address of companies and their web sites).
7) Outside of the messages and clearly separated from them, commercial information can be given, though generally subjected to a fee.

Please read and respect also the rules included in the VASCULAB DATA OWNERSHIP POLICY.

If these rules do not comply with you, it's better to unsubscribe.
Participating actively to the discussions automatically implies the Vasculab Policy agreement.

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